See on your homepage the "Available" single jobs or batches that you can choose to accept.

Click on Batch Available.

Then Start it, if you're willing to accept it
(Verify pricing, due date, estimate amount of work and see if it fits your expectations and productions' capacity)

The batch plus all related jobs status move to "In Progress"

On the jobs page, see all the informations to produce the 3D model: Imagery, Textures, Dimensions, website URL in order to fetch more informations if needed.

Once a model is produced, upload it on your Augment's account through the manager.augment.com as a classic Augment 3D Model. 

  • In case of batch productions, Upload and submit 3D models one by one. Do not wait to have all the 3D models available.

Once uploaded on Augment's manager, then "Select 3D Model" on the 3D Factory.

Pick a 3D model.

View in 3D (refresh page if the 3D Viewer doesn't appear)
Make sure the final render in the 3D viewer fits your expectations in order to provide the most satisfying 3D model to the client.

Once "Submitted" the job appears in the relevant status.
Model then can be "Rejected" or "Accepted" by the client.

If the 3D model is "Rejected", see the comments in the Public discussion, amend the 3D model accordingly, then re-submit it.

If the 3D model is "Accepted", find it in the "Accepted" Status. 

Job is done, thanks congrats!
You can restart the journey with another job.

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