Augment supports 2D and 3D models.

3D formats supported

  • Collada 1.4+ : .zip file including a .dae file + textures or a .zae file alone
  • Wavefront : .zip file including a .obj file + .mtl fil (materials) + textures
  • STL : .stl file (please not that .stl files do not have textures and materials; your 3D model will appear completely black)

Other export formats according to 3D modeling software. We strongly recommend using the above formats as we cannot guarantee the quality when using one of the formats below:

  • Sketchup & 3D Warehouse- KMZ
  • AutoCAD - 3DS
  • KeyShot - 3DS
  • Photo Scene Editor - PLY (colour) & STL (no colour)
  • Catia - Catia plugin to export in Collada 1.4 (.dae) 
  • VTK - PLY

2D formats supported

  • 2D is for flat models that represent images like posters or paintings.
  • Images can be uploaded in .jpg (or jpeg), .bmp, .png, .tga, or .gif formats.
  • The files containing 2D images do not need to be zipped before manual upload.

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