With printed documents (called “custom trackers”), anyone can use Augment to scan your image and view your model on top of it. It’s a perfect feature to create interactive catalogs, brochures, flyers, displays, etc.

By attaching your 2D image to a 3D model, you have the ability to easily share your model. Just provide the recipient with a copy of your custom tracker and have them download the Augment app. 

Download the custom tracker resource kit, which explains how to make the best custom tracker for your project.  It includes helpful tracker guidelines, Augment logos, and other design resources.

Custom tracker formats requirements : 

  • Images can be uploaded in .jpg (or jpeg), .bmp, .png or .tga formats.
  • The image can be up to be 5MB in size, but 2-3MB is the recommended size on Augment.
  • Here are some guidelines about what makes a good custom tracker.

How to Upload “Custom Trackers”:

1. Log into the Augment Manager and click “My Trackers,” then “All Trackers.”

2. Drop your printed document or browse your computer to upload a jpg or png image (5MB max size).  Follow these guidelines to ensure your custom tracker is optimized for Augment.

3. Click “Choose a 3D model” and select the model you want to link to your tracker. You can also choose to link the tracker to a URL or an entire folder of models.

4. After a few minutes, go to the Augment app, and click “Scan.”

5. Scan the image you just uploaded. The model to which it is attached should appear in Augment.

6. You can now print this 2D image for your flyers, displays or business cards.

Depending on which plan you subscribed, your tracker could be scanned up to 10K times without an additional fee.

There are two other types of trackers for you to use: universal trackers and on-the-fly trackers.  Learn more.

You can also view your models without a tracker in trackerless mode.  Learn more.

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