The following are the available options and tools within the iOS app Augment Sales. Please note that not all options are available for every situation -- only the ones that are enabled and applicable will appear.


The following are the options available when no 3D models are selected: 

  • ADD a 3D model to your scene
  • CAPTURE your scene and have a photo automatically saved into your device's gallery and have the option to save a Place.¬†
  • RESET your scene by replacing and repositioning all your 3D models as you see fit.
  • FLASHLIGHT will turn on your device's flash if available to improve the lighting of the scene


The following are the tools available in your 3D model toolbar:

  • REMOVE the selected 3D model from your scene
  • CHANGE your selected 3D model with another model from your gallery¬†
  • DUPLICATE the selected model. Please note that the duplicate will appear alongside the original but may be off screen.
  • MATERIALS will allow you to choose between different textures and colors for the selected model.
  • BOOKMARK will allow you to note the selected model for easier access in the future.
  • 3D VIEW enables you to view solely the 3D model without the environment.
  • LINK allows users to visit the webpage associated with the 3D model.
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