You can view your models with out a tracker in trackerless mode.  Trackerless mode means that:

  • Your model will be standing automatically on the ground and at scale, in front of you
  • If you move around, it will remain at the same relative position from you.
  • If you try getting closer to the model, it will move back and remain at the same relative distance.

Trackerless mode is perfect when you want to visualise big objects that are usually on the ground. For instance merchandising tools, furniture, big industrial machines, dinosaurs or buildings in real size.

Showing your model on ground level requires you to log into the app, go to “My models” and select the model. Your 3D model will appear by default on ground level.

Watch this mode in action :

Please note:

If your mobile device does not have a gyroscope, you will not be able to use this mode but you can still view your models with Augment using the universal tracker.

Learn more about using trackers and the universal tracker here.

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