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Sharing a folder of 3D models
Sharing a folder of 3D models

How to share a folder of 3D models with collaborators

Written by Leslie
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With Augment, you can easily share a folder to collaborate with your customers and colleagues.

Don't know how to create a folder? Read this article.

You can only share a folder from the Augment Manager, but once shared, the folder will be available in the recipient’s Augment app as well. Note that the recipients accessing the shared folder need an Augment account as well.

  1. In the Augment Manager, click on the folder you want to share.

  2. Next to the name of your folder, there are 3 icons. Select the third one to share it.

3. Type the email address of your recipients and hit 'send'.

4. Now you can choose who you would like to give 'write' permissions to, enabling these recipients to add models to your folder. 

5. Your recipients will receive an email of your invitation. They only need to accept your invitation if they have an account. If they don't, they can always start a free trial.

6. Your recipients can view the folder both on the manager and the Augment app. 

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