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3D Factory - Publish a batch of requests

How to create a production request for a 3D models' batch as a 3D Factory customer

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To publish a job request, you first need to log in to the 3D Factory

Create the batch request

Go to the batch upload page

Click on the top right button "+ New 3D Request".

Select "Batch Job".

CSV file

Is it your first batch? Then download our CSV listing sample.

Please fill in the CSV listing with all the required information for your batch.

The sample line of product should be removed, but it is important to keep the top line containing the columns naming.

For information about the required content, check here.

_ _

Is your 3D model meant to be linked to an e-commerce product page with an AR button or web viewer?

  • YES >> Product identifier; Brand; GTIN (EAN); Name of Product (title); URL; Dimensions (Height, Length, Depth + Unit) are MANDATORY

  • NO >> Product identifier; Brand; Name of Product (title); Dimensions (Height, Length, Depth + Unit) are MANDATORY

_ _

Fill in the "Batch name" (1) (ideally: Name of the company + date and/or number of the batch) then import the .csv (2) by selecting it in the list or by drag & drop, and click on "Save" (3).

Your request is now created.

Edit the batch information and add resources

A listing is then generated, based on the elements listed in your CSV file.

An interface allows to check the listing and add extra information and resources.

In the description box (4), you can add any global extra information for our team, related to the batch.

A due date (5) can be selected to inform our team on any urgent due date that you could be aiming. It allows us to organize and prioritize accordingly, to try meeting your deadlines.

Then, the individual description boxes (6) allow to edit the extra information per product to easily add details if needed. At this stage, it is not possible to edit the other information.

The individual image uploader (7) permits to add reference images and 3D files per product.

If there are changes in the batch at this step, you can untick the "Include" box (8) to remove the related product from the batch.

The general uploader (9) allows to upload various files that will be automatically assigned to the related product. To do so, the files' naming should contain the product identifier or GTIN.

You can save the batch draft anytime by clicking on the "Save" button (10) at the bottom, this allows to stop and get back to the batch preparation later. Once the batch is ready and with all resources correctly assigned, you can click on "Save and publish" (11), our team will then be able to prepare and start the production.


The following part does not apply and can be skipped if you are already in contact with our team with a billing agreement managed on a monthly basis, or included in a package.

Once the batch listed and information filled, you will receive a pricing estimate for your batch jobs request. This is available in the "Waiting Payment" section.

Missed an information in your request? You can still edit the job and send us questions in the discussion box.
If needed, you can click on "Cancel Job". Cancelling the job will call off the publishing of the request, allowing when needed to keep it in standby and republish it later, or edit and revamp the request before posting it again.

When ready, click on the "Make Payment" button or contact us with the discussion box to place your order.

That's it, your job is now sent to our team!

Please note that once paid for our service, the request will be automatically assigned to our team who may directly start producing the requested asset(s) till delivery and approval. Cancellation is not permitted after this stage.


To learn more about the required input resources and data for 3D production, check here.

To discover the approval steps, check here.

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