1. Create an account an start a Free trial

You first need to create an account on the Augment Manager and start a 14 days free trial. You can do it from this link : Start a Free Trial 

2. Now you can add your first 3d model on Augment

If you have 3d models of your products, follow that guide to upload them on our platform : 

If you don't have 3d models, you can request one based on the pictures of your product. You'll be charged based on the complexity of the product. You can post your 3d model request on our 3d Factory : Post a 3d model Request

3. Request your API key 

Request the API key at contact@augment.com .

A catalog of product will be automatically created on our system. 

4.  Check out the integration documentation

If you do your own custom integration of the Augment viewer, check out the best practice here : https://developers.augment.com/

5.  Use the API key in your integration

Once you receive your API key, you can use it to activate your 3d and augmented reality viewing experience for your customers!

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