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How to integrate Augment in your eCommerce website
How to integrate Augment in your eCommerce website
Written by Leslie
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Augment proposes solutions to easily integrate 3D visualization in your website and continue the journey in augmented reality through the Augment AR Application. Visitors will be able to watch your products from any angle and to check them in their real environment before purchasing them.

Different plans are available to adapt to your business and traffic, from small shop to large retailer. Please contact us to evaluate which one will be more suitable for you.

These plans are different from standard business subscriptions and cannot be purchased online.

Here are the recipe to get our 3D and AR brick up and running:

1. Contact Augment to choose an eCommerce plan

Send a demand and explain a little about your project and business by mail to before being contacted. (Add the keyword 'ecommerce' in the object of the email to be identified and answered more quickly)

Once your needs are evaluated, you will be proposed a blocked plan (monthly fixed price plan which gives access to the API needed to request the models) and given a subscription to access the manager and upload your products.

2. Upload your models or make them produced

As soon as your subscription is active you will be able to prepare and add the 3D models of your products in the Augment platform. You may follow that guide to understand how to do : How to upload a 3D model

If you don't have 3D models, you can request Augment to design one for you. Just post a 3D model request with pictures of your product on the 3D Factory and our talented team of designers will make it (almost) real: Post a 3d model Request

Notice that you will be charged based on the complexity of the product.

3. Activate the Augment Web SDK

Augment will send you the API Key required to activate the Web SDK and implement the different solutions in your web pages.

Check out the integration guide and the best practices:

The 3D content is usually requested through a catalog of products that Augment creates for you and updates on demand.

To immediately start the integration of 3D and AR solutions in your web pages a sample catalog is available on the developer website:

4. ย Enjoy the 3D viewer and Augment app
The 3D viewer is the main component of the Web SDK. Just a few lines of code are needed to display 3D models on your pages. To go further and enable visitors to see your products in augmented reality the Web SDK provides links and QR codes to easily launch the Augment application from the visited page.
Augment application is available on iOS and Android.
โ€‹The Web SDK continue to evolve and will soon provide new capabilities to offer augmented reality session directly within your browser... AR journey is just beginning.

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