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3D Factory - Publish a single job request.

How to create a production request for a single 3D model as a 3D Factory customer

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2.1 Click on "Post a new listing".

2.2 Select "Single Job".

3.1 Fill in required informations.

Is your 3D model meant to be linked to an e-commerce product page with an AR button or web viewer?

  • YES >> Product identifier; Brand; GTIN (EAN); Name of Product; URL; Dimensions (Height, Length, Depth + Unit) are MANDATORY.                                                   

  • NO >> Product identifier; Brand; Name of Product; Dimensions (Height, Length, Depth + Unit) are MANDATORY

3.2 Detailed Description
In 'Detailed Description' indicate anything to know on the product.  
For instance: Special position, door opened / closed, add / remove special parts of the product etc…

3.3 Files
Add, at minimum, 3 views (ideally 4 views), plus additional textures (Logos, artworks, close-ups...).

  • Front 

  • Side A

  • Side B

  • Back

  • .jpg .psd .pdf .png ... Quality: High resolution 4K pixels or more

You will then receive a pricing estimate for your job request. See it in the "Waiting for Payment" section.

If you're willing to accept the payment, then click on "Make Payment" for the job.
Otherwise "Cancel Job".
Please note that if you accept the job and "Make Payment" it will be automatically assigned to a designer who will then start the job until you approve it. Cancellation is not permitted. 


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