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Synchronization & Offline access
Synchronization & Offline access

Having access to your 3D models while offline

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

The video tutorial of this topic can be found here.
For the duration of your subscription (or free trial), you will have offline access to your 3D models. 

First, log in while you have internet connection and the synchronization process will begin automatically.  Once the synchronization process is complete, stay logged in to access them anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Synchronization progress and status:

You’ll notice green progress bars under the thumbnail images of your folders. This shows the synchronization progress for each folder.

Within each folder, you’ll notice either a green, grey, or red dot to the right of each 3D model's name. 

  • GREEN: successfully synched to your device

  • GRAY: not yet synched

  • RED: unable to synch; try refreshing or reuploading your 3D model

To refresh your folders or 3D models, pull down from the top of the screen. 

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