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Autodesk 3ds Max - How to export your 3D models for Augment
Autodesk 3ds Max - How to export your 3D models for Augment
Written by Leslie
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The below screenshots were made in 3ds Max 2023.

The interface may slightly vary depending on your version of the software.

On the top left, click on File > Export > Export....

This option will export everything which is in your 3D scene.

If you wish to export only a part of your 3D scene, first select the desired objects and click on 'Export Selected...' (below 'Export...').

 Then select DAE (Autodesk Collada) or OBJ (gw::OBJ-Exporter).

DAE (Collada)

In the DAE export settings, you can untick the export of cameras and lights if you have some in your scene, as these aren't needed in Augment.

In the 'Collada' part, please tick 'Triangulate'.


In the OBJ export settings, please set 'Faces' as 'Triangles'.

If you use shapes/lines in your scene, please tick the related option to export them too.

Specifically for this export format, if your 3D model has materials and/or textures, you need to make sure that 'Export materials' and 'Create mat-library' are ticked. This will create an extra file in addition to the OBJ, the MTL.

The MTL file, and textures if used, should be added to the ZIP file which you will upload in Augment.

The OBJ file points at the MTL file, by listing the MTL file's name in its code. For this reason, renaming the file will break their connection; you need to re-export your file to edit the name correctly, or to manually edit the file's code.

Finally, find and zip your 3D file, and textures if relevant, then upload the ZIP file onto Augment manager.


How to upload your 3D model onto Augment? Check here.

To learn how to zip files, check here.

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