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Autodesk 3DS Max - Reducing the polygons count
Autodesk 3DS Max - Reducing the polygons count

Reducing the polygon count on 3DS Max

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

3DS Max offers tools to automatically reduce the number of polygons.

The following show the steps to follow to reduce polygons using Batch ProOptimizer:

1. Open your 3D model in the viewport and display the number of polygons by selecting the “Utilities” tools on the left hand side menu then More..> Polygon Counter> Count Polygons.


2. The polygon count will be displayed in the active window.


3. To reduce the polygon count, go to Utilities >More…> Batch ProOptimizer and select the files, the directory and the optimisation, then click ok.


4. 3DS Max will generate one or more files depending of the optimisations selected and the reduced polygon count will display in the active view.

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