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C4D - How to export your 3D models

Exporting manually your 3D models from Cinema 4D

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

C4D has a specific gestion of most of its materials, which may results in a loss of informations when exporting from the software.

It is advised to keep materials as simple as possible to use in Augment, for instance by avoiding procedural elements, to limit loss on export. You may need to make a baking to convert some effects in texture.

You can also use a free software to repair materials and textures (with standard materials, not render-native materials).

To export a file manually from Cinema 4D:

1. In Cinema 4D, open the 3D model view.

2. Then go to File > Export > Collada 1.4

3. Enter the name and location of your model and options such as include 2D geometry.

4. Finally, find the folder containing the Collada file and textures, zip them together and upload the .zip file onto Augment manager.

Read the article “Adding a 3D model manually” to find out how to upload the model manually.

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