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Manager - How to create a folder
Manager - How to create a folder

This article describes how to create and add 3D models to a folder

Written by Leslie
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Folders allow you to organize your 3D models by category or relevant team. Once you create the folder in the Augment Manager, it will be available on your device in the Augment app.

When you create a folder, you can share the folder with another Augment Account to easily collaborate with clients or colleagues: read more about sharing folders.

Follow these steps to create a folder:

  1. In the Augment Manager, Click “All models” (on the left). 

2. Click on “New folder,” name your folder, and press Enter.

3. Tick the box on the left of each model you want to include in the folder.

 4. Click “Add to Folder” and select the folder you want to add your models to. 

5. Your models are now visible in the new folder in the Augment Manager and Augment app.

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