Augment supports two types of animations: node and bone.

See hereunder for instructions to import a 3D animated model.

Click here for instructions to configure an existing animation in Augment Desktop so the animation plays when tapped in the app.

Node animation:

Bone animation:

  • 40 bones per mesh max on Android
  • 64 bones per mesh max on iOS.
  • Maximum number of bones affecting to a single vertex is 4.

To import an animated 3D model onto Augment

  1. Create your animated 3D model in any 3D software.
  2. Export the animated model with the animation parameters in Collada
  3. Zip the .dae file and textures and upload the .zip file on Augment.Augment automatically plays the animation at launch and loops the animation endlessly.

Bounding box

  • bone animation : the bounding box is computed according to your mesh and doesn’t take into account the skeleton
  • node animation : the bounding box is computed according to your mesh on the animation’s first tick

The camera’s clipping plane is computed from this bounding box. If during the animation the model comes out of the box, it disappear from the camera’s view.


  • 3ds Max users: the Augment plugin for 3ds Max exports your model in OBJ, which does not support animations. For animated models, please perform a manual upload in Collada format from 3ds Max.
  • Cinema 4D users: Augment does not currently support animations from Cinema 4D (Collada format or otherwise). Your model will display, but the animation will not play. Please stay tuned for updates.
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