As of June 27, 2018, Augment will no longer be supporting the Desktop App.

While this app will continue to be available for download, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes.

To use the animation window and edit your animation, you will first need to create the model animation in your 3D software. When you open the animated model in Augment Desktop, the default animation plays automatically in a loop.

A diagram representing the animation appears in the animation window.


Animation Diagrams

Animation diagrams are composed of boxes called “nodes.”

“Begin” is the node from where the animation starts. This node must be connected to other nodes for animation to take place.


Clip Event Node

Clip event nodes represent the animation of an object in the model or of a bone that controls an object’s mesh. There will be as many clip event nodes as there are animated objects or bones.

By double clicking on a clip event node, a board appears to the right.


  • Repeat – allows you to choose the number of times the animation will be played: once, looped, or N-time (enter the number of times you’d like it to be played).
  • Direction – controls whether the animation will be played forward or backward.
  • Ticks Interval – allows you to set the frames concerned by the clip event, which can be useful to fragment the animation and apply an effect to just part of the animation.

To use several clip event nodes on the same object, click on the left sidebar, which opens the Animation List board.

Simply drag the animation needed in the Animation window, then click to drop it. You can add multiple clips of the same animation by right clicking on the clip event and selecting “duplicate.” You can remove each node with the right click as well.


Clip Event Inputs

  • Start – runs the clip animation
  • Finished – connects to what will happen following the animation
  • Stop Now – ends the clip animation
  • Stop At End – allows the clip event’s animation to complete before starting the node connected to the Stopped output



Bool Event Node

Bool event nodes cause all of the running clip events to finish before going to the next step (operation AND), or if you want the next step to start when the shorter clip event ends (operation OR).


Restart Node

The Restart node triggers the animation to return to the Begin node and replay the animation graph from the beginning.


Mouse Settings – Right Click

Right clicking in the Animation panel allows you to:

  • Restart – refresh the animation to the beginning to view your modifications
  • Add elements – create a node to add an effect to the animation
  • View – zoom in and out, fit in view, or reset the window
  • Disconnect all links to a node


Watch a video tutorial here to configure a triggered animation.

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