If your model looks untextured in Augment:

  1. Make sure that you've included your texture files at the root of the folder in your zip bundles
  2. Verify that your texture and/or materials formats and sizes are those that are compatible with Augment (see below)
  3. Make sure your texture file names do not contain any spaces or special characters
  4. Check that your textures are in RGB, not in CYMK.
  5. If the problem persists, try to re-encode your textures, using an image editor like Gimp or Photoshop


Texture Formats Supported:

Augment supports 4 texture formats: JPG/JPEG, BMP, TGA, and PNG.

Texture Size Limits:The total size of all your textures should not exceed 25MB.
If a texture size exceeds 1024*1024, your 3D model may not appear as expected when viewed. 

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