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Creating Places

Explaining Places and how to create them

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

The video tutorial of this topic can be found here.
Upon clicking on the Capture button in the Scene toolbar, a photo of the scene will be automatically saved onto your device's gallery and you will also have the option to 'Create a Place'.

What is a Place?

  • A Place is an interactive scene. Users can capture a 3D model and its environment and manipulate the 3D models in this previously captured environment at a later time. Basically its a photo but one in which the 3D models can be reoriented. 

  • You can find all your Places in the 'Places' tab in your bottom navigation bar.

Why use Places?

  • With Places, you can continue to make modifications to your scene without having to continuously return back to the original location where the Place was taken. You can reorient the 3D models in the scene or switch them out for other 3D models whenever you want. 

  • You can also share Places with clients and colleagues so that they can make their own modifications regarding products and placement, and send you their modified Place back to you. Learn how to share a Place here.

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