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Scanning QR Codes

Where you can find the QR Code scanner

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

The Augment app allows to scan a QR code to visualize the related model in AR.

The Scan function can be accessed from two locations in the app:

  • Before logging in, from the main page

  • After being logged in, from the bottom navigation bar

This button brings to the QR code scanner.

You then simply need to point the camera at your QR code, framing it within the dedicated space on the screen.

It will directly open the AR view to allow you detecting a surface and place your 3D object.

Place's QR code

When a Place is shared, a 2D static image and a QR code will be sent.

Scanning the QR Code will bring the recipient to the Place.

To try scanning a Place yourself, click here


Where can you find the QR code of your models? Check here.

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