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Receiving a link on desktop
Receiving a link on desktop
Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

  1. If you open a received link, you will be guided to a page like this. Here you have the option to either scan the QR code or send it directly to you mobile phone. 

  2. Open the camera app of your smart phone and scan the QR code right away, or just open the received link (SMS). After opening the link you see the preview of your model + the ability to view it live. Press this button to go to the next step.

3. The button will guide you to the correct app in the Google play store or the Apple app store. If you already have the app, you can scan the QR code by clicking the scanning symbol;

4. The app will now open, which means you can See the model in Augmented Reality. If you don't get along with the app, you can view our tutorials;

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