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3D warehouse

As part of sketchup

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

Sketchup provides some free 3D models. These can be ideal to explore the platform or to show ideas to your clients.

If you have have sketchup, you have more possibilities. If you do not have a version of sketchup  or sketchup make (free), you can also download kmz files directly from the warehouse  (step 4).

  1. Go to the 3D warehouse and choose a model of choice.

2. download the correct file (according to your software version.
Note that newer software versons support older models.

3. open the file in sketchup and export it as a kmz file, this will guarantee that you have all the textures right. then you are ready to upload it into our Augment manager and view it in AR

4. some models within the 3D warehouse are directly downloadable as kmz files, which you can download and directly upload within our Augment manager to view it in AR.

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