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3D Factory - Guidelines 2020

Requests and Tips to follow when designing a model for the 3D Factory

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Please find some new guidelines that designers registered on the 3D Factory are invited to follow


Designers are free to accept as many jobs as they can manage to produce in the allocated time (typically 3 days) but :

  • Avoid assigning more jobs than you can achieve (3 is an acceptable limit except designers registered as a Studio) as deadlines are communicated to the ordering customers and must be respected.

  • Immediately notify us when a delay is required due to unexpected events. We may understand and add extra days to complete a task. This must remain exceptional otherwise jobs will be reassigned to another designer. 

  • Reports are regularly made to evaluate designer levels based on the quality of the models and the delivery time



  • Dimensions provided in the job description must be exactly respected and checked in the web viewer. Customers are very picky on that point and may refuse the model. 

  • Dimensions definition:


  • Models should be optimized to have as less polygons as possible without altering their visual aspect. As a reminder, models are mainly aimed at being displayed in real time engines and mobiles devices.

  • A minimum of details (all obviously visible in the provided pictures) are required

  • Smooth normals are needed on smooth surfaces


  • Be careful with specular and reflective values. Check the rendering the web viewer.  Notice that .obj exporters may remove those values. 


  • Texture size must be power of 2 (ex: 128 x 256, 512 x 512) with a maximum of 2048 x 2048

  • The number of textures must be limited. Use of atlases are highly recommended for that purpose 

  • Provided images may be cropped to keep useful areas only

  • Images should not be distorted when creating textures

  • Large empty textures with only a small mapped area will be refused

  • Textures used to define a material color are not encouraged. If they are required to guarantee the consistency of the rendering, they must be limited to a size up to 16 x 16

  • Avoid spaces and special characters when naming textures

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