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How to activate Free Trial & buy a licence
How to activate Free Trial & buy a licence

A step-by-step guide to pay for the licence & use Augment application

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Augment Manager is the web interface to the Augment app. It allows you to upload 3D models as well as manage your subscription.

  1. Go to and sign up with your email address, a username and password.

2. Check your inbox for an email from Augment and confirm your email address.

3. Your account has been successfully created! Sign into the Augment Manager at with your username and password.

4. You’re in! Upload your first 3D model.

Don’t have any 3D models? Download free samples to use in the Augment Manager or look at our factory to get your product created in 3D.

5. Now Click on the Start Free Trial (Red button) option and you will see the page below: 

6.  Now Click on the Start Free Trial (Red button) option according to your needs. If you are a Business user then choose Business & if you are Student/Teacher/University then choose the Education.

In this example - I have chosen Business and once I click on the button - I will see the page below:

Update your Personal details in the text fields and click on the Start Free Trial to see the page below:

7.  Now click on the Upgrade plan (Red button) option to see the page below: 

Choose your appropriate currency and licence for your needs. In this example - I click on the upgrade button of Professional Licence to see the page below:

A page that lists all the features of the Plan and the number of active devices connected to your account. 

8. Now click on the Upgrade button to input the Credit Card details in the Pop-up Dialog box:

Once you fill in the required Card details - your subscription will get activated. 

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