Creating your own models to visualize in AR can be really useful, however the models creation itself is time consuming and requires technical skills.
If you are looking for a very simple image visualization with no 3D modelling skill required, you're in the right place ! It will allow you to place your image vertically on the floor, or on a table/shelf (if your device is compatible with ARKit or ARCore).

Click on "Add models" in the manager website to select your image, or simply drag and drop the image in the models page to upload it. The new model should appear as processing, as below.

Once processed, and while the thumbnail is being generated you can already access the settings of the model by clicking on the pen icon.

Click on the 3D settings tab, from here you can change units and dimensions if needed.

Then you can set the orientation, 90° on the x axis will allow the image to stand vertically. Click on "Save and publish" to apply the edit on the model, and you're done ! Click "Back" to return to your gallery.

Once the thumbnail is generated, you will be asked to confirm the unit of the model, you can also correct units from here if you didn't previously. Don't worry if the thumbnail still shows the image lying down, as the model was just edited it may take some extra seconds to apply on the thumbnail too.

Your image is now ready to be visualized in the app.

Do you want to check how this model displays in the app ?
Click below, then on "View in your space" and scan the QR code

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