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Manager - Legacy Editor 3D model properties and settings
Manager - Legacy Editor 3D model properties and settings
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When connected in the manager website, bring the pointer on one of your models and click on Edit (pen icon). Then click on the top right on Legacy Editor.

Here you can find various settings to edit your model and its properties.

1. If you wish to update your 3D file, to replace it with a newer version for instance, click on "Update file" or simply drag and drop your zip file in the box.

Properties tab

2. Privacy : you can edit your model privacy here.

If you select public model, anyone may view your model in the public gallery.

If you select private model, users need to be logged in to your account or receive a private link to view your model.

3. Name your 3D model : you can change the name of your 3D model here.

4. Choose a category : you can add your model to a category.

5. Short description : you can add a short description to your model which will display on its sharing page.

6. Custom thumbnail : you can edit the thumbnail of the model, to do so just drag and drop the image you wish to add.

7. Tags : you can link your model to tags.

8. Link : you can add a link to a web page. When visualizing the model, a button to the linked URL will display in the toolbar of the app.

9. Product identifiers : you can add the identifiers of the product.

3D Settings tab

10. Dimensions : you can edit (proportionally) the dimensions of your model.

11. Unit : you can choose the unit.

Please note this option currently doesn't affect the unit display in the viewers, which is automatically set by your device language settings. It only allows to set the proportions of your model.

12. Scale ratio : you can correct the scale ratio.

13. Freeze scale : you can tick this option to freeze the scale of your model. This prevents from changing the size of the object in the AR viewer, which can be handy for real life products which should not have a variable size.

14. Orientations : you can edit the orientation of your model. To learn more, check here.

15. Face culling : this option allows to set as see-through the back of the geometry. It can be useful in some situations and solve some display issues. However, if the normals of your geometry are inverted, your model may appear invisible. In that case, or if you wish the back of your geometry to appear, simply untick this option.

16. Vertex color : this option allows the model to display vertex color if you have some on your model. If unticked, the vertex color information of your model will be ignored.

17. Animation autorun : this option enables/disables the animation autorun. If unticked, the animation won't start automatically.

18. Always export the diffuse color : if you tick this option, the diffuse color will be added in the color display of the model (it multiplies the diffuse map value by the diffuse color setting).


To learn how to upload a model, check here.

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