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What does "active device" mean?

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Our Business pricing is per active device, our education packages are up to a certain amount of active devices, but what is an active device?

What does "active device" mean?

An active device is a smartphone or a tablet connected to your Augment account within the app.

For instance, if you have 10 iPads using Augment app with a Professional subscription, you have 10 active devices, which will be charged 10 x 25$/month. If two ipads aren’t used the month after, then you will be charged only for the eight that have been active.

Educational "Classroom" plan allows up to 50 teachers/students devices connected to the account by month.

Unlogged devices viewing your 3D models via a QR code are not counted as active.

/!\ On Business plans, there can be a limitation on the maximum quantity of active devices. For Essentials, you can use up to 5 active devices, which means a maximum of 5 x 9$/month. Professional and Enterprise are unlimited, you can connect as many devices as wished, applying the price per device.

Please note Augment app features an offline mode, allowing up to 2 consecutive weeks of offline use. For this reason, when a device disconnects from an account, it still count in the active device list for 2 weeks.


To learn how to upgrade your account, check here.

To download the Android app, check here.

To download the iOS app, check here.

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