3D Editor: Getting started
Introduction, access and login to the 3D Editor.
Written by Baptiste Maury
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Augment provides a new online 3D Editor to update and improve possibilities of the 3d edition inside your web-browser. This document describes the structure of the editor and explains in detail the features.

The 3D Editor groups the settings of the models uploaded in the 3D Vault (name, description, thumbnail, tags...) and advanced features to check and edit their 3D geometry (scene graph, dimensions, rotations, materials…).


To open the 3D model Editor click on the ‘edit’ button (pen icon).

Then you have to log in with your Augment account (the same account as the manager):

Great ! You are now in the Augment 3D Editor:


Next steps of the tutorials are available below :

How to upload your 3D model? Check here

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