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Model 3D Editor: Getting started
Model 3D Editor: Getting started

Introduction to the 3D Editor

Written by Yoann
Updated over a week ago

Augment provides an online 3D Editor, allowing you to enhance and refine your 3D assets directly within your web browser.

The 3D Editor consolidates settings and advanced features for reviewing and editing the 3D geometry of models uploaded to the 3D Vault. This includes the scene graph, model structure and material settings.


To access the 3D Editor, from the Configuration page, click on the Edit 3D Model button (the blue one) in the navigation bar.

After loading your model, you are now immersed in the Augment 3D Editor, ready to explore and refine your 3D geometry.

3D Editor - Table of contents:


How to upload your 3D model? Check here

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