3D Editor: Transformations

How to use the transformations panel

Written by Baptiste Maury
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The transformations panel is divided in 3 areas

  • The unit selector (drop down selector)

  • The dimensions (collapsible menu)

  • The rotations (collapsible menu)

The unit selector

You can choose between several units: cm, m, mm, yd, ft, in. It doesn't convert the size, so if you have a model which 10x2x3 m size, and you select cm, the new model size will be 10x2x3 cm.

The dimensions collapsible menu

When you click on it, you will see various options:

  • Uniform mode to keep the same proportions as original model when you edit them

  • X, Y, Z inputs to edit the size of different axes

  • Scale slider and input to edit the scale of the model

  • Freeze scale to freeze the scalability of the model inside the Augment App

  • Total dimension to see the computed final size of your model

The rotations collapsible menu

It's divided in 3 rows : one per axis (in order x, y ,z) :

  • On the left + and - buttons to add or subtract 90° on the concerned axe

  • On the middle the slider, to rotate the axe

  • On the right, an input, to precisely enter the desired degree

All inputs are linked, when you edit one of them, the others will update.


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