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Model 3D Editor: Settings

Settings of the 3D Editor

Written by Yoann
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The settings panel brings together different parameters and configurations that control the layout or the behavior of the editor.

Settings Panel


The grid can be displayed under the 3D model to better understand its dimensions. It covers a square of side Size and is made of lines spaced of Size / Divisions.

Size: Width of the square containing the grid

Divisions: Number that controls the number of visible lines and their spaces

The grid controller is located under the 3D view.


Axes can be displayed to better understand the orientation of the 3D model. The X (right) axis is red, the Y (vertical) axis is green and the Z (backward) axis is blue.

Size: Length of the axes

The axes controller is located under the 3D view.


Button to close the current session (useful if you want to log in with another account). Don't forget to save your work before.


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