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Public gallery

Explore a selection of models available for visualization

Written by Yoann
Updated over a week ago

We propose a selection of public models from various themes in the public gallery.

To access it, simply open the app, log out from your account if you are already logged in, and click on 'Explore our Public Gallery'.

The currently proposed categories are:

  • Made by Augment: have a look to some of our in-house created 3D models;

  • Architecture: a selection of buildings and interior designs;

  • For Your Home: Furniture and household items;

  • Kitchen Planner: Large and small kitchen appliances;

  • Cultural Heritage: 3D scans of museum pieces, such as ancient art and paleontology;

  • Electronics: a selection of phones, cameras, laptops, etc.;

  • Merchandising: Packaging, displays and brand related items.

Any suggestions about the public gallery? Feel free to contact us!

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