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Migration of the rendering system (major evolution)
Migration of the rendering system (major evolution)

Following the progress of technology, Augment is updating its mobile and web solutions to integrate physically based rendering

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The changes will affect how the 3D models look like during 3D or AR session.

The date of activation will be announced later.

PBR: Physically Based Rendering

PBR is a modern approach for rendering 3D objects with a photorealism goal: objects look more realistic, better integrated in their surrounding environment during AR session and are coherent between each others when compared to the former techniques.

This new way of rendering 3D objects has been introduced in the latest game engines or native mobile applications provided by Google and Apple (ARCore, AR Quick Look) during the last years and is now widely used.

Today Augment follows the same movement and adopts the PBR (physically based rendering) as it single rendering technique for all its solutions.

How to prepare models?

The differences between the PBR technique and the former system essentially concern the definition of materials of a model: PBR Materials are described by new parameters and textures.

More and more softwares support PBR materials in their design workflow and progressively export materials in that format. Yet, to ensure that you access all the possibilities offered by PBR materials, Augment extends its 3D online editor to view, modify and improve the materials of models you upload on the platform.

This capability integrates in the recipe to prepare a model for 3D or AR visualization:
1/ Upload a compatible model on the manager (

2/ Review your model in the 3D viewer

3/ Edit the model in the 3D editor: add description or tags, select appropriate behaviors, refine the materials...

4/ Publish your improved model

Which changes for the existing content?

Your existing content remains compatible with the new version of the solutions but 3D models may look different from what you saw in former versions. To increase the quality of a model or change its appearance, open the 3D editor and modify the materials at your convenience.

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