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Model Configurator: Getting Started
Model Configurator: Getting Started

How to change the model's meta data and properties

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The configurator is an editing tool directly accessible in the Manager platform. To reach access it, once connected to the platform, move the pointer to one of your model tiles and click on Configure (pen icon) to go to the Configurator page.

In the new Model Configurator, three main buttons are located at the top of the page within the navigation bar (Section 1). Additionally, various settings and properties of the model are organized in tabs on the right configuration panel (Section 2).

The three buttons serve the following purposes:

  • Back: Returns you to the previous page, typically your list of models.

  • Edit 3D Model: Takes you to the new 3D Editor, providing access to advanced features for checking and editing the model's 3D geometry.

  • Publish: Applies all changes made to the model properties and behaviors.

The configuration panel houses the model's settings and properties, organized as follows:

In this section, you can manage the global properties and metadata of the model, including its name, description, thumbnail, and other relevant information.

Within this section, you'll find tools to customize the display of the model according to your preferences. Additionally, these options allow you to correct specific results that may occur after exporting models from design software.

This section enables models to be positioned on various surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floors when rendered in the Augment Application.

Explore options in this section that pertain to the model's size, orientation, and scale, allowing you to fine-tune its appearance according to your preferences.

The Errors and Warnings panel displays a list of issues related to your model's geometry.

Model Configurator - Table of contents:


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