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Model Configurator: Properties

How to edit your model properties

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The Model Properties panel is composed of different inputs:

  • Name: name of your model, which appears in the app.

  • Short description: succinct description, which appears in your various products.

  • 3D File: 3D representation of the model. To update the 3D model file, click on it or drop a file in the designated zone.

  • Description: longer description about your model.

  • Category: to reference your model in a specific category.

  • Custom Thumbnail: to upload a custom thumbnail for your model to replace the one created by default. Choose an image and drop it in the zone (Only JPG and PNG).

  • Tags: In addition to category, it will precise the indexing of your model. Tap a word and press ENTER to add a new tag.

  • Link: add a link to a website, product page, or other media related to your 3D model. Can be useful for business, marketing, events or even education. Free your imagination!

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