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Model Configurator: Placement Behaviors
Model Configurator: Placement Behaviors

Setup your model behavior in the Augment Application

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Placement on surfaces

In the Augment mobile application you can place 3D models on surfaces with different orientations: walls, ceilings, floors... but most real objects are not suitable for all surfaces.

To allow you to choose which surfaces a 3D model is allowed on and how the model behaves between different surface types, options are proposed as follows.

  • Allowed surfaces

Surfaces on which the model can be placed. At least one surface type must be selected in order to place the model in the AR session.

Select at least one of the three options to setup your model placement behavior.

  • Transition behavior

How model orientation is modified when moving from horizontal surfaces (1) to vertical surfaces (2).

Choose one of the transition behavior in the dropdown menu.


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