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Model Configurator: Errors & Warnings
Model Configurator: Errors & Warnings

Find Errors and Warnings of the model geometry

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The Errors and Warnings panel presents the list of problems associated with your model file.

Some common warnings and errors that may be encountered in your 3D model files:

  1. Invalid Geometry:

    • Warning: Some faces may be non-planar or have very small areas.

    • Possible cause: Non-manifold geometry, where edges are shared by more than two faces.

  2. Texture and Material Issues:

    • Warning: Missing textures or materials.

    • Possible cause: Incorrect UV mapping, overlapping UVs, or textures exceeding file size limits.

  3. Inverted Normals:

    • Warning: Some normals may be facing the wrong direction.

    • Possible cause: Normals consistently facing the wrong direction, causing lighting artifacts.

  4. File Corruption:

    • Error: File may be corrupted or incomplete.

    • Possible cause: Unable to open the file due to severe corruption.

  5. Compatibility Issues:

    • Warning: File may not be fully compatible with the current software version.

    • Possible cause: Attempting to open a file created in a newer version of the software with an older version.

  6. Non-Standard Data:

    • Warning: Non-standard or proprietary data found.

    • Possible cause: Unsupported features or extensions that the software cannot interpret.

  7. Memory and Performance Issues:

    • Warning: High polygon count may impact performance.

    • Possible cause: Excessive use of resources leading to crashes or slowdowns.

  8. File Format-Specific Issues:

    • Warning/Errors: Format-specific issues like unsupported features or parameters.

It's important to note that the specific warnings and errors can vary depending on the 3D modeling software and the file format used. When encountering issues, it's recommended to refer to the documentation of the software or file format for more details on troubleshooting and resolving specific problems.


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