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Model 3D Editor: Hierarchy View
Model 3D Editor: Hierarchy View

Check the structure of a model and select elements

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The hierarchy trees are located in the left panel of the 3D editor. They are used to inspect the structure of a 3D model and select elements.

Different hierarchy views are proposed:

  • Geometries: this is the complete structure of the model. It is composed of nodes which aggregate other nodes and contain meshes (model geometries) which in turn use materials which ultimately refer textures.

  • Materials: this is the list of all materials defined and used by the model. This is a convenient shortcut to access a material without needing to find the geometry it is attached to.

Hierarchy tree

Each type of element is symbolized by an icon

(a) (b) (c) (d)
Elements of the hierarchy trees
(a): Node (b): Mesh (c): Material (d): Texture

The trees and sub-trees can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the small arrow located to the left of the icons.

Collapsible hierarchy: expanded (left), collapsed (right)


Sub-trees can also be visually filtered by clicking on the view icon (eye icon). At filtering the 3D view is updated to hide/show the corresponding elements.

Turbine with filtered body


To select an element, simply click on its name. It will be highlighted both in the hierarchy view and on the 3D model. Note that clicking on a node selects the entire child subtree.

An element is selected

In the material list, you can select a material to highlight all the geometries that uses that material.

Elements using the selected material


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