3D Editor: Edition Workflow

Edit, save, and publish your 3D models

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In the Augment 3D Editor, you have the flexibility to work on your 3D assets directly within your web browser. Here's a step-by-step overview of the workflow:

1. Initialization:

  • At the start, before making any modifications, the editor is prepared by loading a working copy of your 3D model. This ensures that all modifications occur without affecting the published version of your model.

2. Editing:

  • Once the working copy is loaded, you can modify various properties and settings of the 3D geometry, including texture modifications and node renaming.

3. Saving Changes:

  • The changes you make can be saved by clicking the Save draft button located at the navigation bar. This action updates your working copy without impacting the public version of the model.

4. Publishing:

  • When you're ready to publish your changes, simply click the Publish and Quit button, located at the navigation bar. A confirmation dialog will appear, allowing you to proceed and publish your modifications.

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  • This action concludes the editing session and updates the public version of your model. You can then review the results of your work after publication.

After publication, you can choose to continue editing your model as a draft or exit the 3D Editor.

This structured workflow ensures a controlled and efficient process for editing and publishing your 3D models using the Augment 3D Editor.


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