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3D Edition: How to edit a 3D model ?
3D Edition: How to edit a 3D model ?

Understand the Configurator and 3D Editor tools

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A model uploaded to your Augment account (See how to upload a model) can be freely modified to adapt its properties or appearance. Two complementary solutions are available to you to make the modifications or corrections you wish:

  • The Configurator that changes model attributes such as name, thumbnails, behaviors, scale and more

  • The 3D Editor where you can inspect the geometries or modify the model materials to customize its visual appearance.


The editing workflow is structured around 2 versions of the 3D model:

  • the Published version: this is the version that is visible on the Augment manager platform and the various AR and 3D viewers (mobile applications, web viewer).

  • the Draft: this is a working copy of the published version on which you can make changes and save them. This copy is only accessible in the 3D editor and is stored until you decide to publish it. When published, the draft becomes the new published version.

The Configurator and the 3D Editor do not work on the same version of the model and impact different parts of a 3D model:

  • The Configurator allows you to modify any parameters that are not related to its 3D representation (i.e. the 3D file that you uploaded on the platform) and applies the changes to the published version of a model. Changes are immediately visible once you click the "publish" button.

  • The 3D Editor allows you to inspect the structure of a model and modify the materials used by the geometries. It applies the changes to the draft version. Changes can be saved to be resumed later or published to replace the previous published version and become visible in the AR and 3D viewers.

Note: modification conflicts may appear if you use the Configurator and the 3D Editor simultaneously on the same model. Changing the 3D representation of a model in the Configurator by uploading a new 3D file invalidates the existing draft version and deletes it.

Edition workflow: versions, solutions and actions

Quick edition

You can directly edit the name of a model from the main list by clicking on the name, entering a new value and validating your modification.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

(e) (f) (g)

Steps when changing the name of a 3D Model:

(a) clicking the name - (b) preparing to type text - (c) deleting the old name

(d) entering the new name - (e) validating the change - (f) saving the name

(g) model is renamed!


The Configurator is integrated into the Augment manager platform and is accessible from the model tile. It allows you to modify properties (name, descriptions, tags, thumbnail...), upload a new 3D representation, customize placement behaviors, correct the scale, units or global orientation and check problems encountered when processing the 3D file.


3D Editor

The 3D Editor is a complementary application to the Augment manager platform. It is accessible from the Configurator page via the "Edit 3D model" button. The solution allows you to inspect the structure of a model, change or edit the materials of geometries and will integrate new functionalities in the coming months.

Work done in the 3D Editor can be saved without publishing for later use. You can thus finalize your work in different sessions before publishing the result.

3D Editor

3D Editor - Table of contents:

Model Configurator - Table of contents:


How to upload your 3D model? Check here

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