3D Model Guidelines

Recommendations for your 3D model uploads

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For the best viewing experience on Augment, please follow the recommendations listed below when creating and exporting your 3D models.

3D Model Export Formats

Upload a compressed ZIP file with the 3D model, textures, and materials:

  • DAE : compressed .zip file including .dae (Collada 1.4+) + textures; OR a .zae file alone

  • OBJ : compressed .zip file including .obj (Wavefront) + .mtl (materials) file + textures

  • We highly recommend you use DAE or OBJ files but other (less complete) export formats can be found here.

3D model count and size

Your mobile device is not as powerful as a professional computer. Your 3D model needs to abide by certain guidelines in terms of total polygon count, object count, and file size in order to work seamlessly in Augment:

  • Polygon Count: While we do not have a fixed limit to the number of polygons, due to smartphone capabilities, we advise having less than 500K polygons. Learn more about optimizing your meshes here

  • Object Count:  the quantity of objects and elements (non-connected meshes) can prevent your model from uploading or displaying on your device when there are thousands of them. Learn more about optimizing your meshes here

  • Resource Count: the total number of assets (3d format, textures...) contained in the .zip file uploaded in Augment cannot exceed 32. To reduce it, we encourage you to recycle textures, to remove textures used for defining a single color, to create atlases or privilege unwrapping.

  • File size: The .zip file uploaded in Augment must not exceed 100MB.

  • Hierarchy Depth: The allowed hierarchy depth of the model uploaded in Augment is currently set to 10. To reduce the complexity of your model hierarchy you can merge intermediate nodes that don't contribute geometries, merge geometries that share the same properties (type, material...) or embed directly the transformations defined by the parent nodes into the vertices of a geometry to remove these nodes when possible.


  • Only standard materials; learn more here


  • Supported formats: PNG, JPG (or JPEG), BMP and TGA.

  • Size limit: The total size of all your textures should not exceed 25MB. The maximum texture size is 2048x2048; If a texture size exceeds 1024×1024, you will receive a warning during the upload.

  • There's a lot more to textures, if you want to learn more, click here.

If you're looking to upload a 2D image instead, click here.
More detailed guidelines can be found for Meshes, Textures, and Materials

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