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The Augment Manager: FAQs and error messages
The Augment Manager: FAQs and error messages
Written by Leslie
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I forgot my Augment password
To reset your password, please click here.

I didn't receive my confirmation email

It happens that confirmation emails go in spam box or get blocked by the firewall of mail providers.
First, please check your spam box.
If you can't find the email, connect to the Manager, click on "My account" in the left sidebar and click on "Resend email" below the email form.

If you still don't receive the email, please contact us in the chat box or at

All my models are locked

If your models are locked, it probably mean you have no active subscription on your Augment account, or your subscription expired.
You can check how to purchase a subscription here.

I can't upload any model, all upload fail, or error message "Upload failed"

This issue may appear if:

  • the manager page stayed open for too long, please refresh,

  • the models don't follow the limitations of the app, in most cases because the model is too heavy (with too much polygons, or textures files too big), please check our guidelines.

If the problem persists, please contact us in the chat box or at

What permissions are required for the Augment manager ?
All the permissions required by Augment are just so the app can function properly.
Augment does not keep your informations except for those that are related to your Augment account, such as your login and devices that access the app.
The Augment manager works well with security conditions in most offices, the following domains are allowed:

Error message: “Can’t contact web service. Please review your proxy or firewall configuration."
If you got this error message while uploading a 3D model, it is probably due to the file size.
The Augment manager cannot accept file that are bigger than 100MB.
For more guidelines on Augment, please visit this article.

Error message: “Not found”
This error message sometimes occurs with web browser such as Internet Explorer.
If so, try using Google Chrome or Firefox to access the Augment manager.

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