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Revit - How to export your model
Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

Revit 2022 and latest now allow the export to OBJ format.

To do so:

  • Open a 3D view.

    The exported geometry will be based on the current view. Geometry exported will reflect the visibility and graphics settings of the current view.

  • Click the File tab > Export > CAD Formats > OBJ.

  • In the OBJ Export dialog, specify your OBJ file settings.

  • Click Save to create the OBJ file

Then zip the OBJ, MTL and maps and import on Augment.

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Using a previous version of Revit?

You can use glTF Exporter, which is a paid plugin for Revit to export in the GLTF format.
However, please be aware that the GLTF support in Augment platform is still in beta testing.

Another possibility to convert your 3D models, is to use a third party software. Most of them are paying softwares, few are free like this one.

Then zip the OBJ, MTL and maps and import on Augment.

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Does your model fit with our platform limitations? Check here.

To get started with Augment, check here.

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