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Loading wheel

Recognize the various loading steps

Written by Yoann
Updated over a week ago

If your model is too heavy to instantly appear on your device in the AR view, a loading wheel can temporarily display in its place.

The loading wheel is composed of a rectangle base on the dimensions of the model which is loading, a wheel design with the thumbnail of the model in its center, and a symbol on top to inform on the loading process.

There are 3 types of symbols to recognize :

  • The green arrow - it means the model is being downloaded,

  • The green gears - it means the model is being processed for display,

  • The red exclamation sign - it means there is an issue, the model cannot be displayed.

The loading wheel can be moved and rotated to already place the model, once displayed the model will appear exactly in the position of the wheel.

To avoid waiting for the model to load, we recommend to optimize the 3D model. The more optimized is your model, the less time it will take loading, and the more smoothly it will display.

To learn more please check our guidelines here.


How to upload a 3D models? Check here.

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