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Sharing Places

Sharing Places with others

Written by Leslie
Updated over a week ago

The video tutorial of this topic can be found here.
This article is a continuation of Creating Places.

Now that you've created a Place, how do you share it?

  • You can share a place right after Capturing a scene

  • You can also share it from the 'Places' gallery, accessible from your navigation bar. Tap on 'Select' on the top right corner 

What happens when you share a Place?

When you share a Place, two things will be sent:

  1. A static 2D photo 

  2. A link to Augment's sharing page with a QR Code. Scanning the QR code with the Augment app will open the Place, along with interactive aspects. Scanning the QR code with a QR code reader or your device's camera will direct you to download the Augment app. Learn more here.

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