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Input Resources and Data for 3D Production

Which input is needed to order a 3D model in the 3D Factory?

Written by Yoann
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A job request should at least contain :

  • The name of the model,

  • Reference images / technical drawing,

  • Main dimensions.

For efficient production, we recommend to provide :

  • The dimensions of the full object (Height, Width, Depth) with unit, and any extra dimensions when available;

  • Reference images of the full object, from various angles (front, side, back, 3/4…). There is no mandatory angle, it depends on the requested object;

  • Reference images of close-up showing details on the object, such as buttons, icons, specific shapes, in good resolution (2000x2000 pixels or more);

  • Visuals used on the products (logos, images, artworks...) in good resolution (2000x2000 pixels or more) are a good plus;

  • The original 3D technical file if available, mostly for objects with complex or specific shapes;

  • A description if needed, to indicate any specification on the product (special position, door opened/closed, add/remove some part of the product, planogram info, etc...)

If these models need to be combined in a catalog on our platform, or may be in the future, please also provide us with products identifier, brand name and GTIN (EAN) if relevant.

It is not mandatory to provide photos of the real object, the reference images can also be 3D images, mockups, concepts, etc. We can create the 3D model of an object which doesn't exist yet, for prototyping validation for instance.

Both for images and 3D files, we accept all common formats. Please let us know if you use a specific format, to figure out together how we can work with it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the preparation of your request, in the chat box or at


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