Augment 3D Factory is the design center for AR/3D customers and 3D designers.

I am a customer

We provide a scalable platform to match with all of your projects. You can easily upload your product requests to get AR ready 3D models through Augment’s 3D vault.

To learn how to create a request, check here.

The request will be reviewed by our team to provide you with a quote. Once payment is received, the request is directly sent to our designers for production.

We apply an internal validation process to make sure the product is as requested. It is then available for approval on customer side.

To have a look at the approval process, check here.

If you wish to place your first batch request, please contact us by chatbox or by email at, we'll be glad to explain to you the process.

You can also make a single model request, detailing in description that it's an estimation request for a batch, listing the type of products requested and adding images of the products, or a representative portion of these.

I am a 3D designer

You can monetize your 3D design skills by applying for a 3D designer account in Augment 3D Factory.

We are principally looking for designers with real-time skills and strong optimization knowledges, as our main aim is to produce 3D models which will be visualized in our app on mobile devices.

After a test period, you will be able to start picking up available jobs.

To have a look at the various steps from job picking to model validation, check here.

To learn about our guidelines, check here.

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