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The Augment Manager is the web interface to the Augment app. It allows you to upload 3D models, edit them, sort them into folders and manage your subscription.

Go to and sign up with your email address, a username and password.

Check your inbox for an email from Augment and confirm your email address.

Your account has been successfully created! Sign into the Augment Manager at with your username and password.

You’re in! Upload your first 3D model.

Don’t have any 3D models? Download free samples to use in the Augment Manager or look at our Factory to get your product created in 3D.

1. My models : this is your personal gallery of models, it contains all your uploaded models which you can organize in various folders.

2. Add models : upload and manage 3D models here. Drag and drop your files or browse your computer to access them. To learn more about upload check here, and about 3D models settings check here.

3. Read our 3D guidelines : this is a shortcut to bring you directly to our 3D guidelines article. It gives some important information for efficient upload and optimized models.

4. Create a folder : create folders to organize your 3D models (by category, for example). To learn more, check here.

5. My places : here you can manage the places you created in the app. To learn more about places, check here.

6. My account : manage your account details. Update your information and view your plan details. You can also upload your company logo to appear in the augmented reality viewer (in the app).

7. Delete : to delete a model, tick its box and click on the delete button.

8. Add to folder : to add a model to a folder, tick its box and click on Add to folder. The list of your folders should display, select the folder. To learn more, check here.

9. Chat box : any question ? We're here to help you !

10. Learn & help center : You will be redirected to our Help Center which propose various articles to help you use Augment and get your technical questions answered.

11. Upgrade now : Discover the details of our proposed plans, Business, Education, or ask for a quote on e-commerce plans.

12. Log out : Click here to log out.

Your account details :

Your plan details :


Do you have an Enterprise organization account ? Then you have more options in the manager, to learn more check here.

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